Why Choose Us Mengapa Nidalap Photography

What makes us different?


  • Fresh Concepts
    We work full time and full heart. We don’t rely on “success formula”. We always look for something new and fresh in every project. There is nothing that excites us more than doing something cool which we have never done previously.
  • Original Artworks
    We believe every project is unique, however common it might seem. Yours is not an exception. That’s why we approach every project differently. We are confident to meet your image requirement with our scientific background and artistic mind.
  • Always Fit on Your Budget
    With our custom budgeting offer on several project types, YOU have the liberty to decide on the budget. Who else can offer better than that?
  • FREE Consultation
    We offer free consultation service to discuss about your project concept. We can even help you find ideas to convey your story or drive closer engagement to your brand.
  • Simple and Transparent Price Scheme
    Quoted price is for our photography service only which includes planning, preparation, production, and digital post processing. Say you want the photo shoot done either in Jakarta or in New York, our service price remains the same.
  • Giving Back to Society
    We have an unusual tradition in the industry. We share cool techniques we know, the mistakes we learned, our project experiences either successful or not so successful ones, and many other things. If you browse through our Blog section you will see that the content there is unlike many others. We don’t just fill our blog with galleries of beautiful images, we share HOW we created them!


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