MEET NOVID The First Tool Human Have To Fight Infectious Diseases

For 3000 years, human approach to control disease had never changed.

For the better, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Meet NOVID: The first tool human have to fight infectious diseases. NOVID is developed by Expii company along with team from Carnegie-Mellon University led by mathematics professor Po-Shen Loh. On the surface, NOVID is just an app used for contact tracing purpose in response to COVID-19 pandemic. But what’s under the hood is what makes NOVID truly outshine all other apps. In this video (start watching from 18:04), Prof. Loh explain the idea behind the app; what it actually does and; how it is meticulously designed to address many privacy and accuracy concerns that have arisen with other similar apps.

What’s Under The Hood

When you know a disease is coming towards you before it actually does, it gives you a chance to avoid the disease.

NOVID utilizes a concept from an area of mathematics called The Graph Theory. The app outputs integers value instead of Boolean true/false value. This is the app key difference. Why does it matter? It has something to do with incentives. When you know a disease is coming towards you before it actually does, it gives you a chance to avoid the disease. NOVID can actually protect you by acting like a radar for infectious diseases like COVID-19. This makes people suddenly want to install the app for themselves.

Unlike other apps, NOVID doesn’t require mass number of users to work properly. This is the advantage of utilizing Graph Theory. Even with very small number of users, the app can still output pretty accurate prediction on how far away you are from the disease. So you just need to ask people who are frequently close to you (family, co workers, etc.) to install the app and the algorithm will take care of the rest.  And guess what, NOVID app is free!

NOVID doesn’t require any registration to use. It is completely anonymous. Instead, it relies on TCN Protocol framework for identification. It also uses bluetooth technology instead of GPS for estimating distance to determine whether nearby users are in close contact or not. For this purpose, bluetooth is more reliable than GPS. It is far more privacy friendly too since, unlike GPS, geolocation data is not revealed nor recorded.


In my opinion, NOVID is a truly marvelous breakthrough in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. This app deserves more recognition. You can download NOVID app for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Disclaimer: I am not endorsed nor affiliated with Expii, CMU, or Prof. Loh in any way.

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