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Where are you based out of?

We are based out of Jakarta, Indonesia.


What is your style?

Our style adapts variably depending on project type:

  1. We anticipate and capture genuine emotional moments non intrusively in our documentation type project.
  2. We stick to industry professional standards in our commercial type project.
  3. We fully utilize our scientific background and artistic mind in our creative type project.


Which type of project do you most comfortable to work with?

Creative type. It is what that brings us into photography in the first place. We would even sneak in the creativity into other project types whereas possible without compromising client’s image requirements.


Can you do this style of editing (insert reference here)?

No, unfortunately. We have our own editing style as you can see throughout this website.


What are the differences between standard packages and custom budget option?

Standard packages are designed for those who expect the fullest from our photography service. Since price quoted is for our photography service only, standard packages also offer some flexibilities.

For example: You would pay the same price for our pre wedding photo shoot service even though the shoot is done in Jakarta or in New York, outdoor or in a studio. You would also get ALL beautiful images created during the shoot retouched professionally instead of just some selected ones.

On the other side, custom budget option offers even more flexibilities, particularly for those who are mainly budget limited.

For example: You like the quality of our work but feel that our quoted price is out of your budget. You could propose your own budget for our photography service and still get the same work quality. Depending on your proposed budget, restriction might apply. Some common restrictions: number of retouched images, photo shoot duration, etc. Our work quality, however, will never be compromised.


How does the custom budgeting work?

You, the client, inform us a budget you are willing to pay for our photography service. We will then tailor our custom service based on the proposed budget.

As promised, we will not compromise our work quality. We only adapt our approach to get the result.


Will you hold a date for us while we decide?

Pardon us, but it is our policy to hold a date only after down payment has been paid.


How do we arrange your travel?

We offer you two options:

  1. We arrange our travel ourselves after you have approved our proposed travel fee, or
  2. You can arrange the travel for all of us.


Do you provide make up and/or wardrobe?

We personally don’t. But we have a vast network of talented make up artists and we can also help you choose the proper wardrobe for a particular photo shoot.


How about the payment term?

50% down payment upon appointment meeting. Another 50% balance payment 2 weeks prior to shooting day. No cancellation.


How can we hire you?

Simply follow the instructions on the booking page.


My question is not listed here. How I can get an answer?

Kindly submit your question on the contact page.

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