NIDALAP is a photographer and math hobbyist based out of Bekasi city, West Java – Indonesia. NIDALAP is the creator behind Eigen album and MOZAIK+.

Eigen album is an ideal photobook solution that feels memorable. MOZAIK+ enables people to print a lot of their photos at once and summarizes the memory in a beautiful way. Both product are created by applying some advance mathematical principles in the design process.

NIDALAP is the first and only Indonesian photographer ever conducted exotic pre wedding and extreme family photo session on the legendary Gobi desert in 2019.

NIDALAP is also known for his solid collaboration with dr. Reinaldo Alexander, Sp.PD in the RS Cepat Waras project on his Youtube channel since 2020. This is an entertaining, weekly health educational project dedicated to Indonesian audience that focuses on diseases prevention. More info and update about this project can be found here.



NIDALAP is simply “Paladin” word reversed. But beyond this simple explanation lies one of our fundamental philosophy: resourcefulness.

NIDALAP’s founder name is William Li. This “Li” surname is the world’s most popular surname. It is estimated that more than 100 million people in the world bear this surname. Even if there are only 0.1% of them whose name is William, there are still around 100 thousand people named William Li. And even if among those 100 thousand William Li only 0,1% of them are photographers, there are still around 100 photographers named William Li! So using any combination or even spelling variation of “William Li” as the photography brand is not a wise decision.

William Li has a nickname: Paladin. Unfortunately this nickname is also quite popular, especially among gamers. It is rare to get an unused “Paladin” username on popular websites. But when the letters are reversed, the username often becomes available.

Sometimes a problem can be solved just by looking it from a different perspectives.

Nowadays, even NIDALAP username has become quite known too. When NIDALAP username is not readily available on websites/apps he wishes to register, NIDALAP will use an alternative username: nidalapisme. This is a word than can be read differently in two languages. In English it is read “NIDALAP is ME” and in Indonesian it is read “NIDALAP-isme (English: nidalapism; a philosophical view from NIDALAP’s perspective)”.

Since 2019, NIDALAP has also become the family name for descendants ofย  William Li. The first descendant of William Li bearing NIDALAP name is Prajna Eka Nidalap.


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