Our Philosophy Filosofi Kami

Nidalap Photography’s business philosophy is reflected through our logo. There are four core values in our business philosophy:

  1. Problem Solving

    We believe for every problem, there is always a solution. Our logo looks like a maze with an opening exit. This symbolizes problem and solution. The maze is made with single line and slightly rounded corners. This means we solve the problem mainly through a systematic and standardized approach, yet under some circumstances we are flexible with our approach.


  2. Perseverance

    There is a human-like figure walking through a gap inside our logo. This symbolizes our perseverance. Even though success might not be guaranteed this way, nevertheless we are making a difference with our effort.


  3. People

    At the bottom center of our logo is a chinese character for human (人 “ren”). This symbolizes our great passion to team work with other passionate people.

  4. Resourceful

    Our logo has a hidden word. There are letters hidden in the logo. Those letters can be arranged into WILLIAM LI, the real name of Nidalap. Since the letters are readily available from within the logo itself, it represents our resourceful value.


Thoughtful Design with Precision

Our scientific background and artistic mind characteristic are reflected through our logo. We use Phi (φ), the golden ratio concept in the logo design. Also, when the logo is cropped into circle shape, it somewhat looks like a peeking face. Classy.

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