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William “NIDALAP” Li is a photographer and math hobbyist based out of Bekasi City, West Java – Indonesia. He is probably the only Indonesian photographer ever conducted exotic destination prewedding and family photoshoot on Gobi desert.

NIDALAP is the creator behind Eigen album and MOZAIK+ artwork. These original artworks are included in the signature wedding documentation packages, distinguishing the service from others.



NIDALAP’s is the nickname of William Li. Photographers usually use their names as the photography brand. But William chose his nickname as the brand instead because of one main reason: His name is too generic.

The Chinese “Li” surname is the world’s most popular surname, accounting for more than 100 million people. So even if there are only 0.1% of them whose given name is William, there are still around 100 thousand people named William Li. That’s a lot of them!

Even if among those 100 thousand William Li only 0.1% of them happen to be photographers, there are still around 100 photographers named William Li in this world. So he thought using any combination or even spelling variation of his name as the photography brand was not a wise decision.

NIDALAP is simply “Paladin” word reversed. Back then in university, William was using Paladin nickname in a web-based game where he ranked #1 in the world in terms of PvP (Player versus Player). This probably had made Paladin name popular ever since.

When choosing a domain name for this website, an inspiration came to him to overcome the unavailability of desired names i.e reversed letters. Surprisingly, NIDALAP sounds great!

Since 2019, NIDALAP has officially become the family name for descendants of  William Li. The first descendant of William Li bearing NIDALAP name is Prajna Eka Nidalap.

Camera and Newborn Baby

Prajna Eka Nidalap




Stay connected with NIDALAP on Instagram and YouTube. Promotional offers are posted exclusively on social media.

As a math hobbyist, he also has separate Instagram account, YouTube channel, and Tiktok.


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